BiodiverCity photo exhibition

This ‘BiodiverCity’ photography exhibition will feature a collection of 20 photographs selected from 1426 entries and it celebrates the rich biodiversity found in our urban environment.

The winning entries will be announced on 26 May 2012 during the festival.

Singapore has come a long way in our greening and conservation efforts. Today, it has become well-known for our tree-lined roads with greenery seamlessly woven into our urban city landscape. There are also many pockets of parks and nature reserves, serving as key destinations that attract people to learn, play, relax and exercise.

In addition, despite being a largely urbanised city, Singapore is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, with more than 3900 species of plants, 300 species of butterflies, 98 species of reptiles, 52 species of mammals, 25 species of amphibians and 12 out of the 23 species of seagrasses found in the Indo-Pacific region.

All these above features form the Singapore’s vision of becoming a “City in a Garden”, where greenery and biodiversity exists in harmony with our daily lives.

In celebration of Singapore’s efforts in enhancing our greenery and biodiversity, the National Parks Board in partnership with Photographic Society of Singapore, organised a year-long City in a Garden Photography Competition.

You can also view the other winning photos on NParks’ website:


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