This Festival of Biodiversity aims to celebrate our local biodiversity and be a platform of engagement for the community to share their love for our natural heritage! Schools, corporations, community groups and nature-interest groups will come together and share their efforts in promoting biodiversity and its conservation, so that all of us can see what we can do as individuals to help. Through this, we can see the efforts of the community in conserving our biodiversity and that our society does care for the environment!

The idea for a Festival of Biodiversity came about during the Biodiversity Roundtable of Singapore session, when we realised that there was a need for us to engage the public and increase awareness and profile of what other organisations have been doing for our local natural heritage. Following the success of EnviroFest, which was last held in 2009, it was decided that the time was ripe to have an anchor annual event to be held in conjunction with the International Day of Biological Diversity (22 May).


The Festival of Biodiversity is organised by NParks’ National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) in collaboration with the Biodiversity Roundtable.

For queries, please contact: biodiversityfestival.nparks@gmail.com

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